Semua orang pernah main Snakes n Ladders kan? kan? kannnn? Hehe..instead of Sahibba, Saidina, Monopoly, Scrabble, Dam n Chess..this is one of the favourite game played in the school whenever we have free times. Its good for build up children’s mind..For those yang hilang ingatan or tida pernah main game ni, this is how it looks like.

Kalau u stop at the ladder, sila jangan malu2 naik, eksesais ckit tp if u stop tempat snake sedang baring2..make sure u escape from it before the venom inject into ur body and u kong…turunlerr..

So, alkesahnya..I received this assignment for my teras sekolah subject. For those who read this and not from UMS, sekolah means faculty. This assignment is for Teknologi dan Pusat Sumber Sekolah, lecture by Dr. Sabariah Sharif, my previous supervisor for thesis @ PSMP (Projek Sampai Mati Punyerla). We are working in  group..altogether 40 persons per group. But we have to separate it into 2 small for Pusat Sumber and the other one Teknologi.

Sokay..17 people go for Teknologi group including me and my bff.

Then, the school that we choose is S.M.K Lok Yuk, Likas..thanks to Linie n Whaney sebab dapat cari sekolah. The library is quite big so we decided to built an ABM based on games.

Snakes and Ladders…yes it is.

So here we go!

The things that u might need:

  • Cardboard (depends on how many boxes u wanna do)
  • Colour paper (for boxes) – the small one so u dont need to cut it off
  • Rope
  • Ice cream sticks (colour available)
  • Numbering ruler
  • Ribbon
  • Some sticker or whatever u like sbg perhiasan
  • Fibers dye (to colour the rope)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Dice (handmade or ready made)

Sila baca arahan.

1. Nobody plan to fail, they fail to plan, so plan ur work and work ur plan. Jadi, pelan mesti ada! Sketch 1st before u do it. Thanks to Ben, Nassir and the rest.

2. Ukur baju d badan sendiri..heh..ukur border so it will look tidy n nice.

3. As we want to make this ABM easy to carry, so kami buat dia boleh dilipat. A ribbon is used to tie both cardboard. Make a hole using nail and rocks (by Nassir) and tie the ribbon nicely (kemahiran ERT by non ERT student, Geraldine).

4. Make numbering to the colour cards. (Judith,Linie,Sylver, Betty,Kilique,Jayn, Roger)

5. Arrange the colour cards so it will looks like boxes on the cardboard. It depends on how many boxes the cardboard bole angkat. Ours is 80 boxes.

6. Gamkan kad warna to the whole cardboard (thanks to me)

7. Before that, make sure u oredy dye the rope with ur own desire colour. Here we choose green and pink. (my fav).

8. Now, for 2 hero and heroin..the snakes and ladders. Patah2kan ice cream stick to make the ladder and arrange it mengikut ketinggian ladders while for the snakes, make sure it looks like a snake not a rope.hee. Gamkan snake and ladder on the boxes.

Aktiviti letak gam not hisap gam

Gamkan atas boxes

Tanda stars, question marks and so on is depends on ur creativity

9. Do not forget to prepare ur questions cards and suprise cards(itukah nama dia?) thanks to Wanie and Sue.

10. Now, u can proudly says..this is our own Snakes and Ladders!



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