RPG Games

Games is fun..i love  games but not gambling (Zynga poker?),heh..main dlm facebook saja sudah yer, xpayah gambling sampai Las Vegas. Las Vegas not Sabah Las Vegas!

I feel its too complicated to play PS..seriesly, i just wanna sit in front of lappy, buat territory (Age Castle), buat perkampungan (Virtual Villagers), buat life (SIM games) and sort of that. Those are the games that i addicted so much.

Playing games like that need a lot of time n efforts..sbb tu jarang maen masa stadi^^ doesnt mean i am so rajin people, i oso play petville everyday but when i become rich there then i go lazy to play. Orang kaya yang malas..masa susah rajin cr duit, bila dah kaya..ok,thats enough!

What i am mumbling about? O yes..there’s a game, two games actually which makes me sgt teruja..Aveyond and Eternal Eden..Aveyond has many version, u can find out about it here. but i am so impressed of Eternal Eden..sgt menguji ur mind n ur strategies, 5 stars! I dont know where i found the game,somewhere in youtube.

Some of the shots from the coolest games..for me^^

Actually, this entri is done because i miss aveyond when i see this Aveyond Kingdom fanpage. Im gonna play u as soon as i finish my study in just one n half month left! Wait for me!


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