Do u blogging? This is like writing ur own diary but let peole read it..boleh buat private juger tp cam x best. Ur own blog so suka hati kau la mau tulis apa kan. Jangan saja touching hal sensentap suda..jenayah siber! Entri ini semata2 utk let u all know blog mana yang i read the most..

Well..ini adalah senarai blog wajib baca..but next time..these also akan menjadi bahan bacaan di kala petang.

For our assignment..we manage to do 2 blogs,one for biology and one for chemistry..bakal tidak dipedulikan i think but just to let u know~

So..done! Kalau ada blog yang lebih hebat..i’ll hapdet later..blogging no matter how many people read or xde orang baca pun x apa : p

My previous blogspot already deleted, hanya meninggalkan my tumblr blog. Check it if u want!


6 responses to this post.

  1. Aiks…Blog gay… I like… ­čśŤ


  2. Posted by rafshan on April 13, 2010 at 5:37 pm

    oh em ji aku terharu!!! XDDD
    tapi menyindir silently? lmao hahahaah. anyway, terima kasih =)


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