Well..very light entri..mari tgk gambar sahaja. Of course, behind every photos got the story. Malam Pendidikan tu nama simplenya MADIK..impian student pendidikan, am i rite? Sebab malam tu dapat Anugerah Dekan. Itu perception masa tahun 1,2 and 3 dulu..for me, MADIK is the nite where all the final year students gather together sebab after this..bila lagi dapat beramah mesra. At last, 4 years bertungkus dan lumus..the time is up! U ready or not..that’s it must go on. Face the real world out there and teach your students teacher! some of my friends..which i will remember for the rest of my life~

These people are my evergreen and everlasting friends. Witch, Boss, Photographer, C Slim. Too bad Linie n Olly cannot come πŸ˜₯

We are Manchester United Supporter Trust (MUST). Zulkifli Pari, Ahli Sihir dan Shorty.

Beautiful ladies. Elwyna, Lenny Vera, Rohana Ganis, Azila Diana n Dora. Cun seh korang~ Belum tercapai lagi hasrat kita bersama-sama bermain-mainan.

Gojes ladies with 2 indian guy, most handsome in Biology course and very supporting! Stephen Isaac and Gunaraj Jeevan.

Boovanishwari, Vithiya n Nitia..the longest names in my fb friend. My kosmate and happy go lucky girls.Seriesly!

Nur Heliza Helmi..raise your hand if u didnt know her. Should be my senior but officially my kosmate for 2 years. Dia sangat gila dan gila dan gembira. What a beotipul skin she had!

Kawaiiii!! Our ketua kelas since 1st year! Lee Ping Yin..tawau mariiii. Very patient woman! thanks a lot Ping~

TESLIAN..Rose Darwina Herliza and Nurul Nadia Azaheri@ Datin gituu..I know Awin because she is my fren’s roomate..Farah..very sophisticated and nice!

Structure n cell biology, botany, zoology, microbiology, biochemistry, genetics, ecology, plant physiology, animal physiology,systematic, biotechnology, biology teaching methods..DONE with u all guys! Education with Science Major Biology, minor Chemistry~

My previous kosmet..for a year before i change my major. Education with Science Major Chemistry,Minor Biology. Best!

The most ‘talkabout’ photo. Nice. Franly Amai the singer, Jafrin Jeilin, Awan Abdullah, Suhaini Saung, Nurlina Bolong, Zul, Dina, Vitty, Shekien n Hafeza.

I like this pic because i look smaller




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  1. NIce entry za πŸ™‚ gonna miss u too πŸ™‚


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