My Beauty Sleep

Its done! World cup sudah habes..after a month aku tidur secara hentam,bila rasa nak tidur aku tidur yg penting ada match aku tak tidur so skrg aku nak adjust balik (T.T).

Putut meraikan Esapanol last nite.

By the way, its so funny bila baca hentam menghentam punya status masa world cup nih..tak payah kutuk la, kalau dah support one country tu just bagi support sudah, tak payah kutuk country laen just because that team pernah kalahkan ur team. I am proud to say, even Italy n England tak menang..I still wake up and watch WC with no hate n no hatred. Its about passion, not the team. Btw,Spain oso minat juger for david villa..happy for that:)

I need my beautiful sleep back!



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  1. hahaha…keren…salam hangat…


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